Department of General Affairs

Department of General Affairs

Mission du service

The principal responsibilities of the department of general affairs are:

-Management of CESP's resources

-Budgetary coordination and oversight, and monitoring of budget execution

-Design of management-assistance tools

-Coordination of specific files concerning all units at the center

-Internal and external communication

-Logistical and technical monitoring of rooms and buildings

-Organization of events


Executive Assistant, Internal Communication: Martine de Sousa

Logistics and technical: Anne-Marie Marty

"Epidemiology" team management: Corinne PinguetFrançoise TerrierSylvie MuretSabine BimbardSabine Moreira FariaMartine de Sousa

"Mental Health" team Management: Anne-Marie BrukarzSylvie Muret

Cross-functional missions: Anne-Marie Brukarz (assistant of Bruno Falissard), Françoise Terrier (reception of foreign students and staff), Soraya Sandal (budget consolidation and monitoring)


The department of general affairs is located at Villejuif, at Paul Brousse Hospital, with some staff working direcktly with researchers at other sites (Oncostat, Cancer and Radiation, and Generation and Health at Gustave Roussy)

Hôpital Paul Brousse Bat. 15/16 

16 av. Paul Vaillant Couturier
94807 Villejuif cedex