Methodology and statistics support

Methodology and statistics support

Mission du service

The hub performs organizational, methodological, technical, and relational tasks.

- Before and after projects:

  • Regulatory advice, support for mandatory administrative reports and applications
  • Advice on the choice of appropriate methods for studies and their interpretation
  • Support for researchers in setting up and following up their studies

- Help in the dissemination and promotion of the results.

- Transfer of skills, sharing methodological and statistical expertise.

- Technical and scientific events and coordination.

- Implementation of a quality charter and team support in two domains :

  • Data management
  • Statistical analyses


Guillemette Antoni (1 ETP): Participation in the design of clinical research projects: assistance in the choice of experimental design, estimation of the number of subjects needed, drafting of the project; Data valorization: statistical analyses; Statistical advice.

Caroline Barry (0.5 ETP): Co-leader of the division; Participation in the design/writing of mental health research projects; Expertise and methodological support; Data valorization and sharing.

Christine Hassler (0.5 ETP): Regulatory advice; Questionnaire design; Mental health surveys in schools; Methodological development

Angela Jackson (1 ETP): Database management; Quality procedures; Data security; Consulting on data collection (scraping), sorting, manipulation and structuring (data crunching). Definition and optimization of the right means of data storage in accordance with the specificities of use. Data quality and security procedures.

Yves Koudou (0.5 ETP): Analysis projects; statistical consulting

Marie Metzger (0.5 ETP): Co-leader of the unit; Coordination of statistical consulting; Statistical consulting; Data analysis and development; Scientific training correspondent for the CESP

Mohamed Sedki (0.2 ETP): Specialized statistical consulting: supervised learning methods in high dimension (regression methods and penalized classification by lasso, ridge, etc., decision trees, gradient boosting, random forests and SVMs); Clustering and model selection; Consulting for R code parallelization and R library design. 

Some projects in 2019

Regulatory consulting

  • Impact analysis (RGPD) for the Crespi Cohort - Integrative respiratory epidemiology (N Le Moual)
  • CPP: Evaluation of the fate of adolescents and young adults received in an early care system (ReFSEF) - Developmental psychiatry and trajectories (N Godart)

Methodological support:

  • ONISE project Development of an innovative digital tool to survey deaf and hard of hearing youth - Developmental psychiatry and trajectories (F Labrell)
  • Assistance in the choice of an experimental design for an evaluation trial of incentive actions to improve cervical cancer screening among socially disadvantaged women who are not followed up, in the framework of calls for tender (INCA and PREPS) - Sexuality and care (V Ringa)

Study follow-up

  • Protocol and questionnaire HASAFRA study: French adaptation of the "health literacy assessment scale for adolescents" - REFLIS network - Primary care and prevention & Developmental psychiatry and trajectories (V Ringa and A Rouquette)

Creation/Administration of the RedCap database

  • Structures and Nephrologists surveys of the CKD REIN study and CV expertise database - Clinical epidemiology (B Stengel)
  • Parkinson ancillary study of the E3N study - Exposome and heredity (M Canonico, A Elbaz, A Kowal)

Software programming assistance

  • Simulation of factorial design with sequential double randomization - Oncostat (MC Le Deley)
  • Implementation of a cross-validation procedure for the selection of variables for a penalized Cox model - Radiation epidemiology (N Journy)
  • Implementation of statistical analyses
  • Meta-analysis on individual data of prognostic factors of ovarian cancer - Gynecologic - Oncostat (X Paoletti, Cancer InterGroup Consortium)

Scientific valorization

  • Scientific expertise carried out by the Inserm 1178 unit within the framework of an agreement between the General Directorate of Health and Inserm: "Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of whole body cryotherapy for therapeutic purposes" S. Ben Khedher Balbolia, C. Barry, C. Hassler, B. Falissard 2019
  • Association between cumulating substances use and cumulating several school, violence and mental health difficulties in early adolescents Chau K, Mayet A, Legleye S, Beck F, Hassler C, Khlat M, Choquet M, Falissard B, Chau N.. Psychiatry Res. 2019 Oct;280:112480.

"You have to believe in something": Risk of psychosis and psychiatrists' beliefs in the self-fulfilling prophecy. Benoit L, Russo T, Barry C, Falissard B, Henckes N. Soc Sci Med. 2019 Jun;230:20-29

Trainings organized in 2019-2020

  • R for data sciences (M Sedki): March 25, 26 and 27, 2019
  • SAS Perfectionnement (O Decourt): September 10, 12 and 13, 2019
  • Optimization programming in R (A Gillibert, 1 day): September 24, 2019
  • Getting started with REDCap (T Valero, 1 day): October 4, 2019
  • Visualizing data with R: introduction to the ggplots2 package (H Panjo): April 24, 2020
  • Handling data differently with R: introduction to the Tidyverse (Y Koudou): May 11, 2020

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