Methodology and statistics support

Methodology and statistics support

Mission du service

The hub performs organizational, methodological, technical, and relational tasks.

- Before and after projects:

  • Regulatory advice, support for mandatory administrative reports and applications
  • Advice on the choice of appropriate methods for studies and their interpretation
  • Support for researchers in setting up and following up their studies

- Help in the dissemination and promotion of the results.

- Transfer of skills, sharing methodological and statistical expertise.

- Technical and scientific events and coordination.

- Implementation of a quality charter and team support in two domains :

  • Data management
  • Statistical analyses

The transversal methodological center of U1178 (Mental Health and Public Health) was created in 2010 to provide support to all personnel in the unit. Its two methodologists, working with more than 100 staff members (researchers, clinicians, and students) with very different profiles and in various fields of expertise from neuropsychiatry to the social sciences, helped them with innovative approaches for research in psychiatry and with mixed methods. After U1178 merged with CESP (U1018) in 2015, CESP too sought to pool and share its technical and human resources in data management and analysis to promote and formalize the methodological and technical exchanges between the teams in these areas. This plan to create a methodologies and statistics hub for the entire center is underway, conducted by a project leader who relies on a statistician and a data manager (U1018). They interact with all the members of the center’s teams.

Members :

Caroline Barry: Participation in the design/drafting of research projects in mental health -Expertise and methodological support - Data sharing and development.

Christine Hassler: Regulatory advice – Questionnaire design – Mental health surveys in school settings – Methodological developments

Angela Jackson: Advice on data collection (scraping), and the sorting, handling, and structuring of variables (data crunching). Definition and optimization of good storage methods of data appropriate to the specific usage envisioned. Procedures to ensure data quality and security.

Yves Koudou: Project analysis – Statistical advice

Marie Metzger: Project leader for the creation of the shared methodology and statistics hub –Coordination of statistical consultation – Statistical Advice – Help in the results’ publication process


Several studies:

« Portraits d’adolescents » Enquête épidémiologique multicentrique en milieu scolaire sur 15000 13-19 ans

Essai Clinique controlé randomisé : Cognitive Remediation Therapy in Anorexia Nervosa (TreCogAM)

Etude de Pharmacovigilance ADDUCE : Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder drugs use chronic effects

Evaluation des médecines complémentaires : Hypnose

Conception/validation d’un outil de dépistage rapide de la souffrance psychique chez les enfants dans des contextes humanitaires

Current study: Développement et validation d’un modèle prédictif de la survie des patients avec un cancer du sein métastatique à partir des données CGH (essai thérapeutique SAFIR01)


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