Publications pour l'équipe MOODS

Titre Publication Type Publication year Auteur
Sex-specific neurobiological actions of prophylactic (R,S)-ketamine, (2R,6R)-hydroxynorketamine, and (2S,6S)-hydroxynorketamine journalArticle 2020 Briana K Chen, Victor M Luna, Christina T LaGamma, Xiaoming Xu, Shi-Xian Deng, Raymond F Suckow, Thomas B Cooper, Abhishek Shah, Rebecca A Brachman, Indira Mendez-David, Denis J David, Alain M Gardier, Donald W Landry, Christine A Denny
Blood microbiota and metabolomic signature of major depression before and after antidepressant treatment: a prospective case–control study journalArticle 2021 Dragos Ciocan, Anne-Marie Cassard, Laurent Becquemont et al
Hospitalization for self-harm during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic in France: a nationwide study journalArticle 2020 Fabrice Jollant, Adrien Roussot, Emmanuelle Corruble, Jean-Christophe Chauvet-Gelinier, Bruno Falissard, Yann Mikaeloff, Catherine Quantin
Non-presentation at hospital following a suicide attempt: a national survey journalArticle 2020 Fabrice Jollant, Keith Hawton, Guillaume Vaiva, Christine Chan-Chee, Enguerrand du Roscoat and Christophe Leon
Severe insomnia is associated with metabolic syndrome in women but not in men with major depression treated in psychiatry settings: a METADAP report journalArticle 2019 Jean-François Costemale-Lacoste , Khalil El Asmar , Adrien Rigal , Séverine Martin , Abd El Kader Ait Tayeb , Romain Colle , Laurent Becquemont , Bruno Feve , Emmanuelle Corruble
The olfactory deficits of depressed patients are restored after remission with venlafaxine treatment journalArticle 2020 Romain Colle, Khalil El Asmar , Céline Verstuyft, Pierre-Marie Lledo, Françoise Lazarini, Kenneth Chappell, Eric Deflesselle, Abd El Kader Ait Tayeb, Bruno Falissard, Emmanuelle Duron, Samuel Rotenberg, Jean-Francois Costemale-Lacoste, Denis J David, Florence Gressier, Alain M Gardier, Thomas Hummel, Laurent Becquemont, Emmanuelle Corruble