Publications pour l'équipe Usages de drogues

Titre Publication Type Publication year Auteur
Age invariance of the cannabis abuse screening test (CAST) in a probabilistic sample of cannabis users journalArticle 2018 Legleye, S; Rouquette, Alexandra
Smoking among immigrant groups in metropolitan France: prevalence levels, male-to-female ratios and educational gradients journalArticle 2018 Khlat, M; Bricard, D.; Legleye, S
Changes in Smoking Behavior over Family Transitions: Evidence for Anticipation and Adaptation Effects journalArticle 2017 Bricard, D.; Legleye, S; Khlat, M
The Cannabis abuse screening test and the DSM-5 in the general population: optimal thresholds and underlying common structure using multiple factor analysis journalArticle 2017 Legleye, S
Troubles dans les rapports sociaux: le cas de l’anorexie et de la boulimie journalArticle 2017 Scodellaro, C; Pan Ké Shon, JL; Legleye, S
Electronic cigarette: use and perceptions among French military nurses in 2013 journalArticle 2017 Guillet, S; Sicard, S; Meynard, JB; Mayet, A
Effects of Using an Overlapping Dual-Frame Design on Estimates of Health Behaviors: A French General Population Telephone Survey journalArticle 2017 Richard, J.B; Andler, R; Gautier, A; Guignard, R; Leon, C; Beck, F
Life Course Changes in Smoking by Gender and Education: A Cohort Comparison Across France and the United States journalArticle 2017 Pampel, F; Bricard, D; Khlat, M; Legleye, S
Sleep Loss in the Homeless-An Additional Factor of Precariousness: Survey in a Group of Homeless People journalArticle 2017 Léger, D; Beck, F; Richard, JB
Alcohol and cancer : risk perception and risk denial among the French general population journalArticle 2017 Bocquier, A; Fressard, L; Verger, P; Legleye, S; Peretti-Watel, P